When animals are at the center of a legal issue, it can be a difficult time for an owner.  Many owners consider their animals to be much more than just pets.  Rather, these owners deem them to be their best friends and family members; yet under the law, animals are considered property.  As we have four-legged best friends and family members ourselves, our firm empathizes with our clients whose animals become subjects of legal matters.  Rather than watching idly, we have chosen to blend our love for animals and passion for the law into practice.  Attorney Melissa A. Cordon has successfully handed hundreds of animal law cases and is uniquely skilled in competently traversing the multitude of legal concerns raised by the extraordinary circumstances in which animals and their owners find themselves.  The most common of these animal-related legal issues are as follows:

  • Animal Seizures
  • Bites, Attacks, and Subsequent Injuries
  • Boarding and Daycare Facilities
  • Breed Registry
  • Breeding Contracts
  • County Ordinance Citations
  • County Ordinances 
  • Divorce and Custody
  • Domestic Violence
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Insurance Policies and Coverage
  • Landlord-Tenant
  • Owner or Bailee Liability 
  • Pet Trusts   

If you are faced with an animal-related legal issue that does appear on the above list, please contact our office as Attorney Melissa A. Cordon may be able to help you and your animal.