The addition of a family member through adoption is an exciting time for a family.  Many families, overwhelmed with the emotion and anticipation which accompany adoption, fail to realize the complexity of Florida adoption law and the legal complications which may arise.  While helping families navigate the challenges of the Florida adoption law process, we pride ourselves on providing families with a supportive and personalized legal experience. Attorney Melissa A. Cordon provides legal representation tailored to her clients’ needs in the following areas of Florida adoption law:


          As a foster parent, you are an integral part of the foster care system.  With a child in your care, it is likely that the child will become available for adoption.   When faced with the option of foster care adoption, you may be apprehensive or uncertain simply because you are unaware of how foster care adoptions proceed legally.  Our firm understands your apprehensions pertaining to the foster care adoption process, and we seek to provide you with knowledgeable and empathetic legal representation. 

          As a contract attorney for the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families, Attorney Melissa A. Cordon has been involved in many state and foster care adoptions.  Attorney Melissa A. Cordon’s extensive experience in this area with state and foster care adoptions has given our firm the legal expertise required to complete a foster care adoption.  Attorney Melissa A. Cordon will competently guide you through the adoption process by introducing you to your legal rights, assisting you in securing the termination of parental rights of the biological parents, and ultimately finalizing the adoption of your foster child.


          As a stepparent, you may be toying with the idea of step-parent adoption as a means of solidifying your newfound family unit.  However, you may be pondering whether step-parent adoption is even a feasible option given the involvement of the child’s biological parents.  Rest assured that step-parent adoptions have become more prevalent in in recent years and are, in fact, a feasible option in Florida. 

          At the Law Office of Melissa A. Cordon, P.A., we are committed to providing stepparents with competent legal representation in a supportive environment.  As Attorney Melissa A. Cordon has handled many step-parent adoptions in Florida, she strives to navigate the sometimes difficult process of terminating the biological parent’s parental rights and securing a step-parent adoption.


          Grandparents play a significant role in the life of their grandchildren.  For one reason or another, your grandparent role may expand to becoming the primary caregiver of your grandchildren.  As a grandparent, you may be wondering whether adopting your grandchildren is a feasible option.  Although the thought of adopting your grandchildren may seem unusual, be assured there are millions of children in the United States whose grandparents are their primary caregivers.

          At the Law Office of Melissa A. Cordon, P.A., we will explain the implications of grandparent adoption as they relate to you, your grandchildren, and your grandchildren’s biological parents.  Attorney Melissa A. Cordon’s experience in grandparent adoptions provides her with both the knowledge to effectively complete the necessary legal work and the empathy to cater her services to the needs of you and your grandchildren.